November 22, 2016 00:02

What can be transported in an airplane .

Preparing for the trip, you must be sure to specify the information about shipping to selected airlines (allowable size, and the general rules).All baggage is divided into three types: hand luggage (that you can take with you to the salon), handed over objects (things that are transported in the luggage compartment), additional items (that is taken into the cabin: phone, laptop umbrellacamera, prostheses, etc.).Almost all airlines there is a list of what you can carry on the plane.

Since 2014 in the cabin of some airlines prohibited from carrying any liquids, except for essential drugs (in liquid form), hygiene products and baby food.However, those companies that allow transport sprays, liquids and gels introduced to limit the number of - not more than one liter per person.Everything should be packed in containers of 100 ml and folded in a plastic transparent bag on the clip.The exception is vital medicines (they must necessarily be a recipe) and baby food, if it needs to be more than 100 ml.

permitted (duty free) carried in hand luggage products with duty-free shops, but everything has to be packed in a plastic bag and sealed.Be sure to put the date of purchase - confirmation that everything was purchased the day of departure.On one passenger is allowed to carry 5 liters of beverages in which the alcohol content of more than 24% (no more than 70%).It is worth noting that if the flight will be with transfers, then zatarivatsya in duty free on the site should be the last transplantation, since if you buy used, it would be considered as a normal liquid, the volume of which exceeds 100 ml.

The cabin can transport documents, books, magazines, valuables, electronics, money (weight allowed by the airline), it is also recommended to take with fragile items and souvenirs.

Transportation of weapons in an airplane paid.Be sure to have a permit, as well as import / export.Such things will be provided with booking tickets, as well as for registration.Weapons was adopted in the form of a discharged in a special container, which must comply with the safety and security of weapons.Thus ammunition must be packaged separately.On one passenger ammunition must not exceed 5 kg.

can carry almost any things that are not prohibited by the relevant regulations in the luggage, but allowed not to exceed the allowable weight.

Many airlines are allowed to carry animals on board, and luggage.It is sure to be a cage for your pet.The most common transport of dogs, cats and hamsters.There must be a veterinary certificate and a certificate, which is valid for 3 days.The animal, which is carried in the cabin, must be up to 8 kg.Up to 40 kg can be transported by animals, birds and rodents in the luggage compartment in strong wooden containers previously issued the air waybill.

As for food, you can take with you to the salon all that is not like a liquid.The only thing: there is a list of products that can not be imported in one or another country, it is better to clarify advance.It is not recommended to import and export plants and their seeds, only in the presence of phyto-certificates that are issued with the purchase.It is possible to transport fruits and vegetables, but it is necessary to pack them properly to maintain a normal appearance, as cargo can be damaged luggage.

Before gather on a journey, it is best to check with the airline informants, what and in what quantities can be transported, to avoid unpleasant incidents.