November 22, 2016 00:02

Where to go in Kaliningrad .

Kaliningrad (formerly Königsberg) - a little Europe in the territory of Russia.It is for its European rigor of this city is famous for.Here to visit you can find many historical sites with unique buildings.

first attraction for compulsory attendance - this cathedral.In it lie the remains of the famous philosopher E.Kanta.This cathedral in the war years was completely destroyed, but despite the fact that the remedial work carried out to this day, it is open to the public and is a prime example of Gothic architecture.

central area of ​​the city is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich places.It is the oldest park of the city, monuments to Vladimir Vysotsky and Munchausen, botanical gardens and other attractive places.

Kaliningrad is known not only for its European architecture, but also the extraction of such minerals as amber, from which various products are produced.That is why you can not deprive the attention Amber Museum.Here, each visitor to get acquainted with the
production methods, types and further processing of amber.It is in this museum contains the richest collection of articles from this extraordinary mineral beauty.

4 If you were in Kaliningrad with children, it is recommended to visit the World Ocean Museum and Atomic Energy.In these museums for children to hold an impromptu sightseeing tour of the solar system and will tell about the inhabitants of the marine space, including about a variety of vessel, boats and ships.

looks very elegant evening Kaliningrad, especially walking along the quarter Fishing village, which once again will delight the eyes aligned along Oktyabrsky island houses in the European style.Buildings do not carry a historical value, because they were built in a modern 21st century, but that does not stop to enjoy the friendly neighborhood of artisans.

National Park "Curonian Spit" Kaliningrad - is an extraordinary and breathtaking place.This is virtually the only place in the world where you can see the so-called dancing trees.In fact it is pine, which as a result of growth in sandy soil curved, forming a unique dancing trunks.

Any area of ​​Kaliningrad - a special, full of its color space, which perfectly embodies the symbiosis of European style and Russian soul.