Where to go in Yaroslavl .

Yaroslavl - an ancient Russian city with a thousand-year history and well-preserved architecture of different styles of pre-Petrine era.Yaroslavl is included in the tourist route of the Golden Ring of Russia and is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

historic city center, the main attraction of Yaroslavl - is the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery, massive walls which for centuries served a protective function.Now the museum-reserve are organized, including a huge number of architectural monuments, led the Saviour's Transfiguration Cathedral.funds of the museum a unique collection of manuscripts, artifacts of ancient Russian culture, icons, utensils.Climbing up to the belfry of the monastery, you can admire views of the city.

Another cultural-historical heritage of Yaroslavl became the Cathedral of the Assumption, keeping the power of the Yaroslavl princes Vsevolod Basil and Constantine Vsevolodovich.In the cathedral, and services are held daily liturgy.

Since ancient times in Yaroslavl saved many churches, among which the most famous church of St. Nicholas chopped, Church of the Nativity, the Church of Elijah the Prophet, the Church of St. John the Baptist, Church of the Savior on the town, the Church of Archangel Michael Church of the Presentation of the Lord, Temple complex in Korovnitskoy settlement.

Good for walks Governor's garden, decorated with numerous flower beds and sculptures.The Governor's Palace regularly organizes expositions.

get acquainted with the history and way of life of the city at different times can be in museums such as the National Art Museum, Memorial House Museum Sobinov, Metropolitan Chamber, Yaroslavl City History Museum, the Museum "Musicand time".

In Yaroslavl there is a planetarium.The use of digital and opto-mechanical projection gives the illusion of being in outer space.Children will be delighted to visit the media cafe in a spaceship with a 3D-panorama and interactive 5D-attraction "Space Shuttle".

For evening romantic walks ideal Volga embankment.Its length is about three kilometers from the city promenade decorated facades of mansions.

far from the Volga embankment is another famous landmark of the city - Theatre named after Fyodor Volkov, one of the oldest theaters in Russia.Founded in the mid-18th century, it offers viewers new year performances.

Shoppers are encouraged to visit the shopping center "Yaroslavsky Vernissage" at the corner of Moskovsky prospect and street Kalinin.You can relax and dine in coffee shops «Traveler's coffee», restaurants Russian cuisine "Collection" and "John V." Asian cuisine is presented in a wok-cafe "Maneki".For children in Yaroslavl offers a children's shopping and entertainment center "Masha and the Bear."

if you were in Yaroslavl travel or come specifically here do not have to be bored.On the exploration of the city, it is desirable to allocate a few days, since it is impossible to visit all the sights in one day.