November 23, 2016 00:01

Where to go in Vladivostok .

If you were in Vladivostok, do not miss a great chance to see a wonderful place to enjoy nature, to plunge into the world of art and history.A lot of museums for every taste will make your holiday unforgettable, interesting and varied.

sure to visit the Primorsky State United Museum named after VK Arsenyev - the oldest and largest museum of Primorsky Krai.The museum houses materials on archeology, ethnography, history, nature of the city.

Unforgettable impressions remain from visiting Vladivostok Oceanarium.This maritime museum includes a dry and lively exhibition.They are devoted to the nature of the Pacific Ocean, the tropical seas, lakes and rivers of the Amazon, Africa and the Far East.The total area of ​​the Aquarium is more than 1500 m2, divided into three rooms.The aquarium presents some 120 aquatic species (more than 2 000 copies), and the museum collection - amazing exhibits, the number of which reaches more than 1 000. The museum was built in 1990 and has been operating since

Touch the history of the second world war, visit the submarine museum of S-56.This diesel-electric torpedo submarine Soviet with 1941 was part of the Pacific Fleet.For Military Merit submarine was awarded the Order of the Red Banner in 1944 and was awarded the title of the Guard in 1945. Today, the C-56 is a branch of the Military Historical Museum of the Pacific Fleet.Aft submarine dismantled mechanisms and is an exhibition that is dedicated to the underwater fleet forces.Bays and central bow saved, represented torpedo ammunition, operating periscope.

House Museum Sukhanovs family shows urban life Russian official family at the junction of 19-20 centuries.The first floor is occupied by the exposition of the working office, the second - the children's rooms.The situation will plunge into the life and culture of provincial Russia, see the interesting details of the interior, personal belongings, photographs.

Tram Museum "Vladivostok - Hakodate" runs from the train station to the Meadow area.Excursion tram is designed for 27 places, it allows to visit the historical part of the "old town".

Historical and Technical Automoto Museum - Automobile Museum, the first in Russia.It is a unique collection of Soviet foreign avtomototekhniki 20s - 70s of the 20th century.

Zoological Museum occupies an area of ​​370 m2, there are 3 000 species of animals (36 classes).The entire collection is divided into three halls: reptiles, vertebrates and invertebrates, fish and amphibians.On the territory of the Zoological Museum it is also a botanical exhibition.

Museum "Nature Sea and its protection", situated on Popov Island, acquaint everyone with the marine world, it tells about the problems and threats that hung over him.The collection of marine life presented fish, mollusks, coelenterates, crustaceans, echinoderms, animal, has a collection of corals.The museum also presented room "Ecology of ancient man," which tells about the life, rites of mankind 1-2 millennium BC

You can also visit the Primorsky Regional Art Gallery, a contemporary art gallery "Arka", art gallery "Versailles" and others, cozy walk paths of parks and gardens, stroll along the waterfront.