November 23, 2016 00:01

Where to go in Tyumen .

Tyumen - one of the oldest cities in Siberia.There is evidence that the city was born around 13-16 century.In the old capital of Tyumen called villages for her unkempt and dirty appearance.Today - it is the capital of oil and gas, by the way, one of the cleanest cities in Russia.

Start tour of Tyumen need from the river promenade Tours.Why?Because it is the most complex in terms of engineering in all of Russia.It was built in four levels and is divided into zones: urban, historical, memorial and walking.In the evening, after a walk through the city, you can return to the waterfront.Illuminated lights reflected in the river, it looks amazing.

On the waterfront stands up on the historic square - the heart of Tyumen.On departing from the area of ​​the street you can see the sign in honor of the city's founding.There is also installed a memorial cross and the legendary Ermak - conqueror of Siberia.

pedestrian cable-stayed bridge connects the two banks of Tours and is called the "Bri
dge of lovers."This name he received because with him are concentrated almost all the schools in Tyumen and the young people assigned to it goodbye.

in the center of Tyumen is a pedestrian boulevard color on which is certainly worth a stroll.It is located just a few areas: Love, Fountain, Circus and Sport.

a circus, of course, is the Tyumen circus and the square next to it settled comfortably three figures most famous clown Yuri Nikulin, Oleg Popov and pencils.If you find yourself in Tyumen winter, here you can admire and ice figures.

far from the Tsvetnoy Boulevard is the most beloved of all citizens Alley - Alley Cat.Here their twelve pieces - the golden figures of adult cats and young kittens.The history of this mall is that during the siege of Leningrad residents ate it all catchers mice.As a result of Leningrad remained without cats and the city flooded the mouse and rat.Tyumentsev Leningrad decided to help train and sent him 238 dogs and cats for breeding.And in his home town much later established several animal figures in the memory of those who went to Leningrad.

Tyumen do a lot of unusual and interesting monuments, which are worth seeing: the inspector GAI monument, plumbing, janitor, postman.

Temples and churches in Tyumen deserve special attention.The most remarkable and beautiful - Church of the Saviour on Lenin Street, was built in Siberian baroque style.One of the few in this style, preserved until the present time.

Znamensky Cathedral Semakova on the street.The main sanctuary of the Cathedral - Our Lady of "The Omen", which, according to legend, saved the city from cholera in 1848.

Holy Trinity Monastery, currently in force and accepting Orthodox guests.

In Tyumen, a lot of museums, but the most famous, which is worth a visit - a "Museum of Geology, Oil and Gas".It is situated on Republic Street, differs unusual "crystal" architecture, and it is possible to get acquainted with the history of the region in terms of development of oil and gas production.

ancient Siberian city of Tyumen - having been in it once, it will want to return again and again.Merging old architecture with a modern urban, historical past and the present now make the city extremely attractive in terms of travel to Russia.