November 23, 2016 00:02

How to dress for the journey .

road - it is always an adventure, and during the adventure can happen anything.Be ready for anything will help you correctly chosen costume Drogo.

Put on the road, taking into account changes in the weather.Learn in advance the weather forecast of the place where you go.Pick the top so that you can take it off for warming or throw in the event of a cold snap.For example, it may be a sweatshirt with a T-shirt or jacket with a jumper.Take along extra clothes, if possible.When it's cold outside, wear underwear underneath.

Clothes should not hamper movement, squeezing the abdomen or thorax.It would be the best sport style clothes or everyday.Choose a low-key and not easily soiled color: blue, gray, black, brown, purple, burgundy.

Pick clothes from natural fabrics that "breathe".Good fit linen, cotton, wool, jersey.Avoid clothing made of fabric that can quickly become wrinkled.After half an hour in such an outfit, you will look messy all the way.

women should not dress too
provocatively or vulgar, so as not to get into trouble and do not compromise yourself.

The shoes should be comfortable.Avoid high heels.Do not wear shoes in which you closely.Select shoes with arch support and comfortable non-slip soles.Please note that the shoes were of waterproof material.The entire foot must be completely closed in order to avoid injury.Bring a spare pair of shoes.

Do not wear in the way a new thing or shoes.You can spoil it, caught on a foreign object.Due to the fact that the thing has not yet had time to sit down on you, it can be narrow, not comfortable or familiar.

Avoid expensive jewelry.There is a possibility of loss or theft on the road.

Take an umbrella, gloves, spare socks or tights, a hat or cap, sun glasses.

Select a bag over his shoulder with a lot of pockets, which can be folded documents, money and mobile devices.

Comfort should be your main rule.But in spite of my limitations, try to maintain your personal style in clothes designed for the road.