November 23, 2016 00:02

How to dress in the woods .

If you're going into the woods - on a picnic or pick mushrooms, the clothes should be convenient, comfortable and, if possible, should protect you from insect bites.Competent selection of clothing for the walk will allow you to stay warm without overheating and protect yourself from mosquitoes and ticks and the diseases to which they are carriers.

Always dress for the weather, not too Kuta, not too undress.You should be comfortable during the entire walk in the woods.If you have a thin thermal underwear that wicks moisture away from the body, boldly wear it under clothing.Just choose lingerie for active movement.Do not overheat, as this will only attract more mosquitoes - they fly on the elevated temperature and human scent.

Choose clothes in the woods is not white, but bright colors - it will help in time to see a tick crawling on the sleeve or pant leg.Clothing should be with black cuffs and collar - to the insect does not penetrate inside.Trousers should be either wide - so that they
can be worn untucked on rubber boots, or also with tight cuffs and refueled inside the shoe.The quality of the best clothes for the forest - plaschevka, it is most difficult to cling mites.But to the fleece and jeans are easy to cling to paws.

Shoes should be comfortable, closed, high and tight to the leg - to tuck into pants.Or it should be a high rubber boots.Just be sure to put on extra socks - so as not to bring down the legs.After all, in the forest you have to walk a lot, and rubber boots are not very familiar shoes for urban residents.If you go into the woods in the summer, the shoes should be waterproof on the grass may well be the dew, and to walk with wet feet uncomfortable.

Wear hats - scarves, bandanas, caps save you from sunlight and do not allow mites to get to your hair.Also, owners of long hair is best to collect them in a bun or braid plait.

apply repellents on clothing, insect repellent.Read instructions - some of these funds are applied only on the clothes, the other can be applied on the skin of the hands and face.Or use the Japanese bracelet from mosquitoes.

your walk through the woods will be much nicer if you will not annoy annoying mosquitoes, and you will be sure that none of the tick does not climb to you under your clothes.Still, every hour inspections each other for the penetration of unauthorized animals.