December 08, 2016 00:05

How to calculate the construction of the house .Stages of the calculation of building a house

start building the house without first calculate what it will cost to put it mildly, is not serious.Only with well-prepared budget, you can organize all the work properly, providing advance their finances and materials.

perform calculations home construction should start by making a list of articles for future expenses:
  • About 20% of the total cost falls on the device foundation.Its price depends on the design, material, site topography, the volume of construction work.In the smallest amount it will result pier foundation, but it is not suitable for all buildings.
  • A large part of the funds will be spent on the construction of walls.So, if they are made of brick or cinder block, it will cost more, and aerated concrete - a bit cheaper.The real economy will get if the select module or frame house, because a strong foundation is not necessary for him.
  • roof follows the walls.We'll have to choose between the flat and pitched.If money is short, it is better to do it from the slate.So expensive, but l
    ooks better than natural tile, metal, corrugated board.
  • not do without joinery, iedoors and windows.It is necessary to allocate the money and finish - both internal and external.The need for money is in direct proportion to the cost of materials.Strongly do not need to save them, or released, in that the saying about stingy, who pays twice.
  • House will have to heat, therefore includes estimates and heating, with an indication of its type.
  • In the case of water supply and sanitation unit will be one more item of expenditure.

construction calculation is simplified if you turned to the firm, and it has already provided you project the future home ownership.Please read them, analyze, all whether it satisfies you, make your changes.

Once you do this, proceed to the compilation of a list of works.According to it, calculate the amount of the basis of which determine the amount of materials.

In order to build a house payment was as accurate as possible, a list of materials should consist of:
  • name of the material, indicating the manufacturer or trademark;
  • estimated needs based on consumption rates;
  • material costs to date;
  • types of jobs where the materials to be used;
  • unexpected and unreported work, and they are sure to arise.

It seems simple, but to calculate the construction of the house and take into account all difficult for a man, never done it.Of course, if you do charge a professional quantity surveyors (and they know their job well), then a lot of the time they will not take it.The only question is that they do not regret your money and save them no matter what will not.Therefore, you should still check the calculation.In this case, and especially when you decide to make their own estimates, it is better to do it with the help of a construction calculator online.A complete information about the materials and the ability to calculate their needs is available here.

From the above conclusion is: the construction of houses should be approached intelligently, and that implies a mandatory payment of its value.