December 08, 2016 00:05

How to solder copper.Copper brazing at home

Sometimes there is a need to solder copper products.But how to solder and how?The unequivocal answer is no.Choosing which way to solder depends on what size and weight have parts that need to connect.Still it is necessary to take into account the burden that will have to soldered parts when using the product.Consider several ways to soldering, and you choose yourself the one that suits you the most.

Copper wire (electric) or a small soldering iron Circuits easily warmed up to temperature at which the melted tin-lead solder.The same solder and soldering is done.Fluxes are used in brazing such should be based on rosin.For example, soldering oil (currently such a viscous substance) or rosin itself.

surfaces of parts that need to solder, cleaned of dirt and oxide film.After that, the details need to proludit.That is on the mating faces of the soldering iron is applied to a thin layer of flux and solder, which is necessary to smooth out as evenly as possible.Then connect the parts and solderi
ng iron heated up until the solder starts to melt.Then, a soldering iron is removed and the compound is allowed to cool.If solder dish, then use pure tin.It has a melting temperature higher than that of tin-lead solder.

When solder massive or large parts and can not warm up a soldering iron, then use the burner to heat, solder and copper solder as flux take borax.In copper solder, such as PMF7 (solder copper and phosphorus), a higher strength than normal.

to solder this way, you need some tools and materials, namely, a gas burner, a vise, tweezers or pliers, solder PMF7, flux (borax) and acid.

To start the item is cleaned of dirt and oxide film.You can sandpaper and can hydrochloric acid.After the hold details that you need to solder in a vise so that there is a small gap between them.Then apply flux and heat the parts.When they are red-hot - bring your solder to the gap between the parts.The solder will melt (it has a melting temperature below), and draining, fill the gap.Give details of cool, clean water from the acid and can be considered a finished work.

can solder massive parts to use the so-called hammer soldering irons.They are heated over an open flame, such as a blowtorch.And then it all as usual, applying flux proluzhivanie, then dock items and their heated soldering iron.As a solder for soldering tin hammer is used more often than other solders.

Here we told you about a few ways to soldering copper pieces, and you choose which method is needed.