December 08, 2016 00:06

How to combine the wallpaper .Methods combining wallpaper

Combining wallpaper - have not "fancy", but the standard design solution, quite popular technique in the interior design, which multiplies rapidly enthusiastic fans.Some manufacturers even create wallpaper collections that are suitable for ready-made combinations.However, if you know how to combine the wallpaper, you can make the most original combinations.

If you can not choose - pokleit whether one or more type of wallpaper, it is better to stop the latter option, because this technique allows you to create in the house a variety of decorative effects.Namely:
  • emphasis on the merits.But at the same time you get and successfully disguise flaws.If you paste a different color or wallpaper with a different pattern, you can select a wall and draw eyes away from any deficiencies, for example, irregularities or defects in the ceiling.Sometimes the room make one accent wall, sometimes - two.
  • zoning premises.If you want to combine in one room of several functions, it is worth pokleit different wallpap
    ers.You can select the most radical combination of wanting to separate radically certain area.This is relevant in the separation of a child's room for personal space for a son and a daughter.The kitchen-dining room it is advisable to separate the wallpaper with a pattern area of ​​the dining room table.
  • visual effect.The narrow room that has the shape of a rectangle, as it expands in the case of papering the walls of long blond wallpaper, and short - darker.Post in a favorable light square room can be, if one wall to make a contrast with the rest.
  • focal point.This area should not occupy an entire wall.So, in other wallpaper paste made following zones: zone with fireplace, gallery of paintings or photographs, an antique chest of drawers, a cot, a place for reading, bedside tables.

If you like low-key interior, you should give preference to self-colored wallpaper of different colors, but the same color.One or two of the walls must be a bit richer.Well-suited combination of wallpaper under the blue, beige, gray.

popular technique is a combination of plain and patterned wallpaper.You can decorate a room, creating large panels on the bright background of plain walls.Also with the same color coating combines wallpaper with a wide strip, geometric elements and a large floral pattern.

also deserves to life embodied in the reception combining wallpaper with different patterns.Yes, the strip will be appropriate on one wall with a flower pattern.Floral ornaments will ideally look like, if they are put together with wood.The most dangerous technique - a combination of geometric figures with abstract designs.

If you prefer everything bright, artsy, you can try to combine completely different wallpaper, simply put - contrast.This is particularly advantageous for housing young people or people who prefer an active way of life, as well as zoning premises.Contrasting wallpapers help to underline the presence in the interior of the protruding parts - arches, columns, niches.

Suffice it to recall the "Soviet classics": striped wallpaper - border - wallpaper with a pattern, comes to mind as a horizontal dividing wall.Today there are many more original ways to create horizontal lines.Most popular:
  • Divide the space into two equal parts, bottom Poquelin wallpaper dark top - light, attach the border between them.That it will help to create a complete picture of the finish.
  • On one wall can be alternated several bands, but they must have a different texture.
  • contrasting stripes and monochrome, the main thing - carefully vymerte joints in the floor level to be smooth.

Enough popular option - vertical stripes.You can buy ready-made combination of wallpaper in the form of vertical stripes, as manufacturers try to calculate this popular design method.Fabrics paste in the form of vertical stripes, highlighting the tight spaces cloth with bright patterns, or preferring a monochrome alternation.

inserts wallpaper will ideally look at the allocation of certain areas.They may vary in size, made of different wallpapers, but usually a saturated or drawing a pattern denser.Also, the insertion can be glue already on wallpapered wall, ie on top of them, framing small thin strips.

interesting technique - a combination of patchwork (patchwork), then apply several different wallpaper, cut in the form of rectangles or squares.However, in this case, you will need a sense of taste and measure to avoid clumsy.For a combination of choosing the wallpaper with the same pattern.It is also possible to use the same design but a different color.Glued scraps as possible and in an orderly and chaotic, the main thing - guided design of the room, you want to achieve.

Thus, if you have matured the idea - combine the wall several different wallpaper, you know - it is quite right to life.Just do not put it in the closet, if it has already taken shape.