December 09, 2016 00:03

How to install a water pump .Install the water pump with his own hands

deep well on the land - it is good and convenient, but to improve the comfort of accommodation are often installed water pumps - pumps.Carrying out such work requires a lot of time and attention, so most water pumps installed specialists.But if a good try, this work can do each.

selection and purchase of the required pump - this is only the lower complexity of the complex work on the water supply at home.The main difficulties are waiting for you during the installation of the pump.Widespread vacuum pumps connected to the oil recovery tanks.For this station connect all objects that consume water: dishwashers, washing machines, bathtubs, toilets and showers.

To perform a complex of works on connecting the station pre-purchase the pipe socket with protection against moisture and wires to the desired section.Mounting system produces as close to a water source.The pump must be installed in dry, heated room.Negative temperatures entail freezing of water in the unit and its damage.Moisture in t
he chip and the contacts of the control unit or outlet entail a short circuit, which can also result in damage to the machine or, even worse, a fire.

defined the pump placement, select a hard flat surface for its immediate installation.Since during operation mechanism vibrates - securely lock it.For fixing to the wood surface using long screws or bolts if installing on a concrete surface - anchor bolts.

to supply water to the pump, use metal pipes.The use of reliable kompanentov allow you to use the device for a long time without a work to eliminate leaks.On water supply pipe install the valve connected to the pipe of the pumping station.To avoid the formation of air pockets in the system, laying pipes from the water source to the station is carried out at an angle.Lifting angle should be directed towards the station.The best angle - 12-18 degrees.

Using wire purchased previously, connect the complex to the outlet.The receptacle must be isolated from the rest of the electrical network, it has a safety and security machine, able to produce its shutdown in case of short circuit.

If your set is no defense system against "dry" running - additional purchasing it.Installing such a system it is performed before the station and protects the mechanism against breakage in case of absence of liquid in the pipes.In most modern systems, this function poprisutstvuet initially, and no additional work on its installation is not required.

Set the supply pressure in the system, according to instructions, and perform a trial run.In the event of a fault make a full inspection system, eliminate defects and start again.If you detect a problem could not - refer to specialists.

Compliance with these instructions will quickly and efficiently carry out work on the installation of the water pump, which is a long period of time will provide clean water your house.