December 09, 2016 00:03

How to disassemble the toilet tank .Terms and parsing tricks toilet

In any toilet cistern it is the most complex element that can sometimes fail.Damage mechanism located inside the tank, can be complicated, and may - and insignificant.When the time or desire to call a specialist to fix it is not - try to do it yourself.

main tank malfunctions mass is expressed in the form of flowing water.Liquid can drip onto the floor, to flow into the toilet or simply not be made in it.One hundred percent guarantee that no such problems will not give you any toilet regardless of the cost and manufacturer.

Before starting work shut off valve that is responsible for the flow of water into the tank.If you have not had repairs and pipe covered with a layer of rust, the valve may not be reliable.To prevent flooding, refer to the abundant plumbing request to block the flow of water through the riser.

3 Drain the water from the tank by pressing the drain button.If the button is located on top - remove it because it will prevent the removal of the lid.The button can twi
st-off or simply removed.If you have a toilet with a side button start drain - remove it optional.Not to damage it Remove the cover.Toilet bowls are made of ceramic, which is easy to beat.Since the cover separately to you no one will sell, in case of damage you are expected to buy a new toilet that will be much more expensive than the cost of repairs.

After removing the cover, carefully inspect the inside of the tank.Leakage may cause peeling appear, due to which the cuff does not abut tightly to the surface and water is passed.

If the coating is intact - proceed to the inspection arrangements.Inside the tank there are mechanisms Bay and drain the water.Gulf Mechanism ensures the supply of water into the tank and its retention.The drain mechanism comes into play when you press a button, and is responsible for the rapid discharge of water into the toilet bowl.

To remove the filler mechanism, remove the water supply hose and the nut that secures the feed stock.Then, using a wrench or pliers, unscrew the nuts of the mechanism inside the cistern.Take it out and look around carefully.If it's all right - proceed to the Pick-up Artist drain devices.

drain mechanism completely made of thin plastic, so as not to damage it, act very carefully and attentively.For its removal rotate the upper right part of the device in the direction opposite to the clockwise direction.The lower part is attached to a tank by means of fixing the rubber washers or metal screws.Twist them, remove the mechanism from the tank.

If dismantling of the tank is not possible without removing the entire toilet - carefully remove the screws that hold the toilet to the floor or wall.Then slide it to the side and proceed to the removal of the tank.

Knowing how to disassemble the tank, you can quickly fix a small leak or malfunction.If the failure was much more serious than you thought - call specialist.Plumbing services are not expensive and will allow you to escape the flood, and pay the bill for the repair of the flooded neighbors.