December 09, 2016 00:03

How to put a tile in the bathroom .Features of laying tiles in the bathroom .The article describes the procedure of the work to fix the tiles in the bathroom .

When selecting materials for finishing bathroom choice often falls on ceramic tiles.Observance of technology and procedure of works at facing of walls and floor provides a durable finish.

Laying tiles in the bathroom begins with the preparation of walls and removal of sink and faucet.The bathroom dismantled only in case of replacement.If the bathroom shared, and you plan to put the tiles on the floor - the toilet will also have to be removed.Take the time to organize the devastation until purchase all materials.Many stores deliver the tiles on the orders, waiting for delivery can take up to two weeks.

make accurate measurements and draw a plan for each wall.Shop assistant will help you calculate the required number of tiles.With self-counting, note the size of the tiles, the height of the bathroom, the location of the door.Do not be guided only in the area of ​​the walls and floor - part of the material will take to trim.When laying tiles diagonally to add a floor area of ​​20% to trimmi
ng.To select a tile floor with anti-slip coating.

Order of works:
  • plumbing dismantling;
  • removal of old coatings;
  • Alignment wall plaster mixture;
  • Fulfillment of electric installation works - cabling and installation Enclosures;
  • Waterproofing;
  • Leveling the floor;
  • Wall;
  • laying tiles on the floor;
  • Grouting;
  • Plumbing installation.

use the hammer To remove the old tiles.Whitewashing scraped spatula.On the walls, painted with enamel or oil paint, make incisions with an ax.If the paint is holding up well enough to handle the painted surface of the concrete-contact.After removal of old coatings, inspect the wall.If there is mold or mildew, dry room and treat its antifungal primer.

beacons Install and align the walls of gypsum plaster mixture.Allow to dry for 2-3 days.Drying time depends on the thickness of the plaster layer.Route the power cord and set the Enclosures.Usually in the bathroom needed outlet for washing machine and above the sink - for lighting and for connecting the electric shaver or hair dryer.

Apply primer on plaster walls.With the help of a laser or water level to mark the wall.Installing the tiles start from the bathroom or fix the guide to the markup.Do not lay out a day for more than two rows of tiles.Free of wet glue in the lower ranks will not sustain the load, and the tiles will move away from the wall.For cutting tiles use an electric tile cutter with a diamond wheel.Holes are cut out of the pipe special attachment on a drill.

Waterproofing sex not only helps avoid flooding neighbors, but also protects the plate from moisture.For waterproofing sealer using ready or special dry mixes.The lower part of the wall is processed to 10-15 cm. After leveling the surface with cement mortar or a mixture of self-leveling floor you can start laying the tiles on the floor.

Having an idea about the rules of tiling in the bathroom, you will be able to make repairs or to control the wizard.