December 09, 2016 00:05

How to replace the door lock .Replacing the door lock .The material on the choice of a new door lock and installation.

need to replace the door lock is usually caused due to breakage, loss of keys or unreliability of the old lock system.Such problems may lie in wait for each.You will learn from this article How to choose and change the lock yourself.

1 First, you need to make measurements of the landing place of the old castle and to determine the manufacturer of the device.It is better to dismantle the mechanism and as an example to show the store.However, this is not always possible.But it temporarily the old design still need to be removed.It is enough to unscrew fasteners and release the lock.

Then, knowing the size and brand of the castle, buy a similar device at a specialty store.Installation is the reverse of disassembly sequence.

choosing another door lock, it is necessary to consider the place of installation.To the front door of a multistory building suitable cylinder lock.Iron door equipped with lever locks.For villas or cottages need a stronger lock, and preferably two.

To date, the strongest door locking mechanisms are "smart locks" - smartloki.These systems are powered by batteries, and at their discharge - from a simple key.They are equipped with scanners, retina or fingerprint, password input buttons.These locks are very expensive, so they are used in special circumstances.

Replacing the door lock.For a new lock on the door insertion, proceed as follows:
  • prepare tools - a drill, chisel, chisel and screwdriver;
  • set the height of the castle well;
  • : door lock to make the layout slot for the device under it;
  • groove first drill drill and refine bit and chisel;
  • mark the hole and cut the well of the castle;
  • drill holes for screws;
  • castle set in place;

To determine the depth of occurrence of the latch or crossbars in the groove can be grease paint and lock mechanism.

Council last : not disassemble the lock mechanism.This can lead to damage and unreliable operation of the door.

Good luck!