December 09, 2016 00:05

How to install the sink in the kitchen .Installation of sink in the kitchen .Sequential instruction sink mounting in the kitchen .

Set the sink in the kitchen a snap.What will be your first steps, it depends on whether you want to install the sink in the kitchen furniture a new building or simply replace the old with a new sink.In any case it is necessary to correctly pick up.

choosing the sink, you will find that there are many options of styles and finishes.The main thing, remember that the most important parameters are the size and location of the sink holes and the number of taps.This is the case when you need to install a new sink into the existing niche with painted communications.If you plan to install the sink in the new furniture, the carefully promerte size and neatly cut out the worktop opening required.To do this, use a jigsaw and a drill.

filters and faucet is better to install on the sink before she sinks will be installed.Then you will only have to connect the pipes to the faucet and sink to the drains.

When installing, make sure that the shell covers the entire surface of the hole, it was no
where to be gaps and crevices.Ideally, around the perimeter of sink holes or radially overlaps it by 1-2 cm. This included many cardboard shells are templates that can be used to measure all.If the templates do not have to use the markup itself sink.

Then proceed with the installation.On the countertop paste the double-sided adhesive tape, which is also often included.At the bottom of the sink rim, apply sealant or silicone to prevent the flow of water under the sink cabinet.Then carefully and gently set the sink into the opening.Then, the bottom shell is necessary to draw it using the fasteners-clips.We are doing it consistently: in the corners, and then in the middle, do not tighten too much, but firmly.

5 Connect the mixer to the hose with hot and cold water.Do not confuse.Issue fixed siphon in the drain hole and screwed to the shell of the corrugated tube or pipe with a rigid fixed angle.This tube is inserted into a special sewage release.

check is carried out after all the stages of the work done.If you follow the instructions, there are no problems with the flow and fixation should arise.