December 09, 2016 00:05

How to paint bath .The paint bath properly.The nuances of the paint of choice for baths and technology staining wood surfaces of baths and saunas .

wooden constructions is very environmentally friendly, functional and pleasing to the eye.But they require special care and care for the long preservation of good appearance and operation duration.This is especially significant for baths and saunas, which are inside constantly exposed to temperature extremes and sudden temperature changes, and the outside - all the charms of weather events.Smart painting bath surfaces will prolong the life of wooden walls.

1 Choose the right paint.The most important condition for the choice - it's environmentally friendly and water resistant.With constant exposure to high temperature paint will highlight in the air caustic and harmful chemicals.Therefore, selection of paint is carried out most often in water-based varnishes benefit.For example, Soupy sauna - water-based lacquer from Tikkurila protects wood from rotting, retains the natural color and even the smell of wood.Suitable for dyeing and dry Finnish sauna with hot air, and Russian baths for wet steam.Russia
n manufacturer Senezh also offers nail, which will also include antibacterial ingredients that can protect the wood from mold and mildew.With the right choice of paint water will just drain drops along the walls and does not soak into the surface.

staining method.When painting with a brush water varnish all wooden villi even on the ground surface will rise earlier and smooth wall will be like a hedgehog.Therefore, after the first layer must be sanded after it dries the entire surface of the walls of sandpaper and apply 1-2 coats of varnish.When applying the paint with a special spray gun features of this technology can not be avoided completely, but in comparison with the application brush irregularities will be much smaller and easier to grind will be.

3 To finish the external walls of the bath, except for varnish, you can use a variety of adhesives for wood protection.They are anti-bacterial and will resist the harmful effects of sunlight and insects.

For regiments in the bath, experts advise to use a special oil or wax impregnation.It is simply rubbed into the wood surface regiments and protects them from bacteria, water, molding, mold, and cracks of browning.Do not use for this purpose nail, otherwise the surface will be heated so that it will be impossible to sit or lie down.

Pay special attention to the floor - due to dripping water, he first begins to darken and deteriorate.Before painting, it is desirable to apply an aqueous varnish special protective structure for the floors in the bath.After it is completely dry, apply 2-3 coats of varnish with intermediate sanding it.

If room is not new and is already dark wood, before painting, use a special bleaching agents for wood.Then thoroughly wash and dry all the wooden surfaces and proceed with the coloring.

Proper painting baths will help protect and preserve the tree, and your bathroom for a long time will delight you with clear, beautiful and smooth walls.