December 10, 2016 00:03

How to build a panel house .Construction of panel house .The article describes the process of building their own home switchboard .It describes in detail each step .

Many in my life probably wondered built his own house, and it is possible to build it yourself.Today widely used and has earned a good reputation panelboard technology that allows you to quickly, cost-effectively acquire their own housing, which will serve for a long time.Panel houses are very common in different climatic conditions, are very popular in Canada, the US, Norway, Sweden and the other Nordic countries because of its environmental , high performance design, a very good operation.Among other benefits, you can highlight the excellent thermal insulation, as well as a simple plan to build a house - both general and individual rooms.Construction will include several stages.

Design.At this stage it is important to create a project of the future house, which can be done through a variety of computer programs.It is important to take into account all the details at once, so you do not have problems and do not have to redo the project.Already at this early stage is necessary to prepare the too
ls and materials needed in the construction.Here is a list of the most basic: a hammer, a saw blade, laser level, large pliers, screwdriver , hand hacksaw, electric jig saw, claw hammer, tape measure, plumb, an ax, a metal square.From the materials: sand, cement, gravel, fittings, nails, roofing, panels, angle irons, boards, wooden inserts, plinth board, drain board, frames, trusses, bars, angle iron.It makes sense to initially determine the precise amount of the necessary materials, you can buy them a little more, then to engage in construction and not be distracted by the shopping.

Laying the foundation.The first step is to dig a trench the appropriate size, align it and install the casing.During the construction of panel houses erected tape or solid foundation.It is carried out by pouring the solution into the mold (it is not removable).In the manufacture of the insulating substrate is best to use roofing felt, so it is simple and less expensive relative to other options.He carefully placed between the foundation laying of the timber.When performed waterproofing, followed by the stage of laying the foundation walls.

Preparing panels and installation frame.At the heart of panel house is a wooden frame, which is made of dry pine lumber certain size in carpentry.You will also need to protect the wall of the house from strong winds and other influences, therefore it is necessary to strengthen casing design.For this purpose such wood Materials: particle board, plywood, oriented strand board, or the direction of a suitable gypsum board, which are mounted on the frame skeleton.With the construction of its first mortgage on the tool bar is the bottom rail, then it is possible to install the rack.Fits all this with the help of staples and nails.For corner posts further nailed struts to increase stability.After installing all the vertical elements is the top rail and the floor is laid.Then fasten panels to the frame.

Mounting roof.This process includes several incremental work on the device frame of the roof, insulation, vapor barrier , waterproofing and crate and kontrobreshetke.To begin set rafters, purlins and then a layer of waterproofing, insulation and vapor barrier .At the last stage the laying of roofing.

installation of utilities.If there is no knowledge in this area, it is better to turn to professionals because the person far from this, it will be difficult to handle.

Shield house will serve for a long time, despite the fact whether it is a place of permanent residence or cottage.High quality, environmental , price and the ability to "do it yourself" primarily identifies the technology among others.