December 10, 2016 00:03

How to arrange a private balcony .How to build a balcony budget

balcony - a great place for family gatherings with a cup of tea or a dumping unnecessary things.If you approach the problem correctly and with the soul, then you will get, in fact, another room - a cozy, well-equipped.Only the desire to host depends on the state of these superfluous square meters.Decide that there will be: a winter garden, a mini office, just a beautiful place for rest and relaxation.

1 Start with the release of the balcony space.Make sorting things stored there on a "right - unnecessary."No regrets take the items to the landfill ten years ago, which never needed.Things sometimes still used in the household - to the cottage or in the garage.Make a thorough sanitation of walls and floor, sparing water and detergent.

If there was a warehouse of old, cherished things, is likely to require repair.Now this huge selection of building materials.Obsheyte wall paneling - low cost, durable and beautiful, or at least a good paint color, not to repaint often.Depending on the planned c
apital investment, insulated floors.The floors can be laid with tiles, laminate or wood to make.Coverage may not be necessary, but it is better to do the wiring, to avoid restrictions of use balcony.

If you like romantic wrought-iron balconies with a small table for a cup of coffee, then give up the gazebo.Residents of big cities, to protect their economy balcony from rain, snow, noise, exhaust, yet high-quality glazing is necessary.This will make the balcony of the apartment.

repair complete, start arrangement.On the Internet you can find a lot of design decisions on the design of the balcony, plus your taste and style.If the balcony is not very big, it will be enough to put a couple of chairs and a small table for tea and crafts.Save space will help folding table - you can always fold.Large balcony or loggia provide extensive space for imagination.You can decorate it with a sofa, a bathroom cabinet.

Do not forget about the windows.Their appearance will give a balcony completeness.Tulle and curtains in pastel colors for the "Provence" style, beautiful blinds fabric - modern style.Walls decorate a small pattern, and the floor - warm carpet.Most importantly, make sure that the windows and the ceiling is not leaking.Otherwise, the smell of damp and mold quickly destroy all your efforts.

Regardless of the style of the interior balcony, some flowers are always appropriate here.Colors are matched with a side balcony location light.the south side of the plant will grow poorly and feel uncomfortable planted on the north side.Nearly all grow well in bright, multi-colored petunias.

Make the balcony extra room for the kids.During warmer months, there may be equipped with a game room.For adults there is a bit crowded, but the child "own" area is very pleasant.In a little child to arrange a gazebo bed.The main thing that it was safe, beautiful, and a child can take part in its arrangement.

For fans to sit behind a computer in the privacy and silence - create a mini-cabinet.If it is like to be warm, the computer desk where you can leave even in winter.The walls, floor and ceiling can be covered penofolom.This is an inexpensive material that retains heat well.Windows is better to install double.On this balcony-cabinet can be said that this is the best place for a quiet, comfortable creative work.

lovers to grow potted plants on the balcony, you can arrange a personal winter garden.Blooming garden enveloping the balcony - an exciting spectacle.Make it easy - transplant their pets in beautiful pots, planters, match the color and style, artistically place them on the floor, walls, window sills.A small table with a chair will allow you to have breakfast in your own garden in the center of the bustling city.In this garden well privacy, dream.

Gone are the days when the balcony replaced pantry for trash and the place of drying laundry.Even the small balcony area and add personality to your apartment.Fantasy, savvy, modern technology - all you need to create on the balcony of a beautiful, functional, favorite family place.