December 10, 2016 00:03

How to calculate the meter.Where to apply the concept of meter.Calculate running meter is not difficult , the main thing - to take into account the length and width of the room .

term "meter" often puts people into a dead end.Although nothing mysterious, and all the more terrible in that phrase there.Consider a few options, which can be used this concept, and learn how to calculate the required number of running meters.

1 running meter - this is a common length in meters, but in view of the width of any economic or finishing material (carpet, linoleum, vinyl or plastic film).

Let's say you have a room width of 4.5 meters and 6.0 meters long, and the room you are going to lay new linoleum.In the store you need to select the appropriate quality and drawing material and always pay attention to the width of the rolls.The width of linoleum can be 1.5 meters, 2.0 meters and 2.5 meters.Since the room width 4.5 meters, then to her to lay linoleum, you will need to put a few pieces.It may be three pieces of 1.5 (1.5 m * 3 = 4.5 m) or two - a width of 2.0 and the second - 2.5 (2.0 m + 2.5 m = 4.5 m).

Though three pieces of smaller width, at least two - more, the len
gth shall conform to the length of the room (6 meters).So, in order to lay a room with linoleum width of 1.5 meters, to buy 18 linear meters (6 * 3 = 18).If you do decide to put linoleum width 2.0 and 2.5 meters, then all you need to buy 12 linear meters - 6 meters wide and 2.0 meters wide, 2.5 6 (6 + 6 = 12).

in running meters also sold any other roll flooring.But to cover the floor carpet is enough to buy many running meters, a length of the room there.Carpets are usually at odds, as is done in linoleum flooring, so you must choose one of width, which completely closes the floor.

running meters can be bought for decoration film greenhouses and film for pasting any surface.Calculate how much material you need for pasting eg doors, it can be the same as for laying linoleum.But in order to buy polyethylene for greenhouses, you first need to draw a scale on paper all the parts separately.Next, calculate the length and width of all the individual components, and then calculate the meter.

If you are going to buy ready-made kitchen furniture - it is also sold in linear meters.You will only need to add up the lengths of the walls, which will be installed along the kitchen, and then choose the appropriate option only furniture.In the case of furniture for the kitchen, except the standard width, the price per meter will enter the kitchen facades, interior shelves and drawers, as well as accessories.Please note that the cost per meter does not include the cost of the hob, oven and sink for dishes.

running meters are considered a variety of rails and pipes - all the materials that require connections with each other.And in running meters are considered to be any barriers, such as metal fences.

In order not to be mistaken with the calculation of linear meters, the store is better to come up with a painted room.It should be specified length and width of the room, and if this is the kitchen, and the height and location of windows and doors.Good luck in the calculation and maintenance!