How to lay laminate.

Gender laminate can completely transform the look of a room.It is beautiful, easy to clean, its price is low, compared to the parquet floor, and it looks almost the same.In general, the benefits are obvious.One question remains: how do you put it on their own, so that the floor was smooth, there was no gaps between the laminate planks and he served for a very long time.

temperature and humidity of the room may affect the laminate planks.They should let stand for at least 48 hours after purchase.Clear laminate of plastic packaging.Leave it in a ventilated place, so that air can circulate freely between the boxes.Before you buy, you will probably get offered a laminate with a margin of about 10%.Since it may take longer when cutting multiple laminate boards.

2 Remove the old coating, including the plinth.Clean the subfloor, make sure that it does not remain a dust and debris.The floor should be as even to lay laminate without errors.Therefore, if you have it aligned before installation, you must give it to harden completely.

Start by placing an insulating film (substrate), which protects against water and steam.Lay the start of the longest wall in the room.Do this a little overlap, forging one sheet to another.You can secure the connection using adhesive tape.

With jigsaw or handsaw to trim the doorposts so that the new floor can be placed freely under them, but not too high.Try to do it as much as possible parallel to the floor, so they left a good appearance.

5 Install the first row of laminate start as from the longest wall.Use small wooden plank, to insert them between the laminate plank and the wall.That there was a gap between them of about 0.5 cm. This will help ensure that the floor is not warped.Install these same spacers 30-40 cm along the walls.Install the first plank with groove to the wall.

Each track bar mount into the groove of the previous until it clicks.Insert start at an angle of about 20 degrees.Make sure to get the perfect connection.If somewhere there are cracks, the prostuchite hammer, but do not knock them straight on the board.Take a small brusochek or a special tool for laying floor and knock on it.Be careful, if you damage the compound, the entire board will be spoiled.

as necessary you will have to cut the strap and to cut them at panels and corners.The best way to do this jigsaw.Note intended, trim pencil on the reverse side of the board and get to work.Do not rush to throw out scraps, maybe somewhere you need to cut a piece of it.

Once laid the last board, you can start laying skirting.They may also have to cut styling.Skirting boards are installed in two steps: Remove the plinth of the latch for the cable, and the first of the plinth, attach to the wall with screws or screws with plugs, depending on the wall material.The joints between the strips of skirting close the special connectors.Install corners, lay the cable in the groove and secure the latch.

Set thresholds.They come in different levels to align the different floor heights in the rooms, sloping in the form of slides, plastic, metal, and others.Select the most suitable in your case and secure to the floor with screws or screws.

show a little patience and diligence.The result will not make you wait long.The ideal flooring will remind you every day of your excellent work.