December 11, 2016 00:05

How to pump air pump .

Vacuum pumps are widely used in industry, and sometimes it is required to pump air or non-aggressive liquids in everyday life.However, pumping we use is not as common as injection, so it is quite expensive factory samples are not always profitable.Therefore, we can use the fact that it is always at hand and out of the ordinary pump it is possible to make a vacuum.You do not need any special skills, just enough to imagine the principle of operation of this product.

Extract air can be using a conventional pump - car, or bike.The easiest way is to use a hand pump.The foot is also nice, but it will be more difficult to use as a redesigned pump will operate according to the principle of the piston in the syringe.And if the manual handle your convenience pulling her hands, the foot pedal may cease to rise with one of the spring, and you also have to stretch her hand.Incidentally, if the air evacuation of a small volume is required, the pump can be replaced and a large syringe.

Disassemble the hand pump and find the collar, turn it the other way around and assemble the pump in reverse order.Thus, the inverted air cuff provide retraction on the principle of a piston in a syringe.This method will fit when not required to create a high vacuum.

for further conversion on pumping air pump, you will need a check valve.It must be installed between the pump and hose.All joints of parts must be performed carefully isolating from getting into the air.Use for insulation adhesive silicone or other insulating material.Be careful that the liquid materials do not fall inside the parts of the pump and not frozen there, as it will significantly reduce the efficiency of the pump.

Production vacuum pump with their own hands will help you save a few thousand.This work does not take much of your time, do not require any special skills and can be done virtually from scrap materials.On the Internet there are many options for the manufacture of hand pumps for pumping air and fluids, efficiency reaches 80%.