December 11, 2016 00:05

How putty ceiling.

Since you started repairs in the apartment, then no sealing of the ceiling you can not do!Smooth and beautiful walls should be crowned with the same smooth, well derived ceiling.The principle of operation is almost the same as the walls, but there are some nuances.

To start prepare all the necessary: ​​
  • primer;
  • velor roller for priming or kist- CEILING;
  • bath for priming;
  • putty "start" and "finish";
  • spatula different sizes: 40 cm - the main work, of 8-10 cm - support for work in tight spaces - 2-4 cm;
  • ladder;
  • flashlight to detect flaws;
  • capacity for breeding fillings;
  • industrial mixer or any suitable device for mixing the primer solution;
  • mesh to strengthen the cracks and joints;
  • gloves to protect your hands when working.

preparatory work.Before you begin, you need to free up room from the furniture and interior items, if possible.If the bear is not possible, then the maximum all good close as primer and putty tightly eats into the surface, wash it quite problematic.Also thor
ough blanketed the floor.Now we move on to the preparation of the ceiling surface.If the room is the living, we must first get rid of the previous layers of finishes that are poorly kept, thoroughly clean the surface of paint or wallpaper, pogruntovat.To do this, the ceiling is well wetted with water using a roller 2-3 times (spray can).Now steel spatula remove all Nabeul, chipped, cracked plaster and all the coating layer is affected by the fungus.If the house is "fresh" and repair the first time, the ceiling is a concrete floor, plaster or plasterboard structures - that such a surface gruntuem, and then it will be possible to putty.Apply primer to the ceiling can be Brushes, but quite a lot of spray, the best option would be a primer by roller.Work should wear gloves, which fell on the skin primer is best to wash once for 10 minutes.

After the primer dries, you can begin substantive work.Prepare a solution of the starting filler.In a bucket (or other convenient container for you) we collect water at room temperature and, stirring constantly, slowly Pour the dry powder putty.Bring to a consistency of thick cream.This solution was to close up all gaps, cracks, joints, fill the cavity.Where necessary, impose reinforcing mesh.Where there is a big hole, the procedure will have to be repeated several times.We give time for drying, ideally this day.And only then undertake the basic process of spackling.

To determine the irregularities in the ceiling, take a rule (or a long rail) and building level.Apply the first layer of putty.For this purpose the auxiliary spatula recruit a solution and applied to the basic working, distributing across the province.Now, a wide smooth motion put on the ceiling.Remove the remains of the auxiliary solution with a spatula and the main reset to the total weight.Making the next smear.Subsequent application of putty to the ceiling surface should be smooth all at once formed nodules.Movement is done as if pulling a smooth solution space on the levels.The thickness of the first layer should not exceed 5 mm.The number of layers depends on the starting putty ceiling irregularities.Remember that each application layer of putty must be given time to dry before applying the next.Generally it is about one day, but in the extreme case, not less than 6 hours.

next step - is the application of the finishing putty.It is also necessary to prepare only a much smaller amount, sufficient 1/3 compared with the starting.Finishing putty is applied to the same, only it has to be a layer of 1-2 mm.It is more finely dispersed in consistency, and its function is to align the base layer minor flaws.If the ceiling is preparing for painting, it may be applied two layers of the finish putty.

After complete drying of the surface of the ceiling should be cleaned up perfectly smooth state.This can be done using sandpaper or a special plane 80-150 grinder.After cleaning thoroughly gruntuem entire ceiling.

All work performed on the ceiling or on a ladder and a large sturdy table, as you will be more convenient.After completion of the process is necessary to allow time for the putty to dry it well, I resist.It would be not less than one day.And only after that you can start decorating the ceiling.