December 12, 2016 00:02

How to make a beautiful bed.

We are accustomed to seeing the beautiful blooming gardens or areas where put his hand across the landscape designer.But if you show a little imagination and diligence, and the usual garden will delight eye view of neat, without losing its basic functions.

One of the easiest and least time-consuming way to decorate your garden - is to enclose your existing beds in ogradku or curb.The material can be used absolutely any from ordinary colored fanerok, cobblestones and slate to curb special tape.Structured in this way the beds are more like beds and will be neat.

2 Take care of the space between the beds - small track, no more half a meter, will decorate any landing.Concrete paths will look too hard, but lined with tiles of any shape or wooden lattices, cobblestone or covered with gravel will serve not only as decoration, but also help you get more comfortable to the desired plant.

excellent site can serve as decor curly crops such as peas, beans, cucumber and melon.One only has to
take a creative approach to the tapestries, which are based on plants.Instead of the usual set of stakes, wooden or metal bars, arches and stairs, and the result is not long to wait.

Unusual aesthetics can bring to your garden, vertical ridges.After working with his hands and head, it is possible to build a section of the boxes attached to the fence tubs or buckets, to plant flowers in the holes in the pipe, covered with earth.

To save space in small areas, like the vertical garden beds can be diluted with vegetable and flower beds in various subjects.Suit baskets, boxes, tires, pallets, bags, backpacks, outdoor flower pots and even old suitcases.

beauty and individuality of the site can be given, departing from the usual rectangular shapes landings.They may be round, triangular, arcuate beams go from the corner.More relevant French beds.Their essence is the ratio of the beds of different geometric shapes in the total composition.

great importance in the design of the garden plays not only the external design, but also well-chosen culture growing on it.It is important that in one area there was no sudden changes of height stems and foliage density of plants.Look beautiful planted in a staggered manner or through a number of vegetables with different colors of foliage.For example, cabbage, beets, basil, lettuce Berlin.

converts any landscape mixed beds of flowers, vegetables, spices and herbs.For example, marigolds or nasturtiums leaves a great border for planting cabbage or lettuce.Or dilute the beds with herbs thyme, oregano or zmeegolovikom.This idea is not only to make the garden beautiful and useful, but also to avoid pests and parasites.

creating their own hands ornamental planting in their country, do not forget about the different requirements for irrigation and in the sun STAYS different cultures.Taking into account all the details and make the effort to look at your beds will be a pleasure.