December 12, 2016 00:02

How to make a fire out of the furnace .

fireplaces, as well as the furnace used to heat the room, and also act as a decor element.They provide a cozy home atmosphere.It is much easier to alter an old oven under the fireplace, you can create it from scratch.The advantage of this restructuring is the presence of pre-existing chimney.

First of all, you need to check the serviceability of the flue and the availability of good traction, which is necessary for the fireplace.To do this, you can refer to Pechnikov or check yourself.The traction force is dependent on many factors.The first and most important is the height of the chimney - pipe should be not less than 4.5 m, the higher, the better.Weak craving arises in the case of small cross-sectional area of ​​the chimney, and its most optimal form - round.Much depends on the interior surface than it is smoother, better traction and protruding bricks, soot deposits and reduce its ledges.If the chimney, for whatever reasons, does not fit, you need to alter it, and only then deal directly with

Note the firebox opening and increase it if necessary.In the future, it can be closed by a decorative fireplace door, which is made of heat-resistant glass.If the stove has a solid foundation and the body does not make sense to redo them.Between the floor and the stove itself optimum distance of 25 cm, it is often filled with sand.The depth of the firebox must be 50 cm. If the oven meets all these parameters, further actions aimed at decorating the fireplace.

fireplace had to aesthetics, draped it with bricks or special tiles using clay solution with the addition of cement.It should be kneading a few days before laying.Used as a refractory brick, and the usual.Each piece is checked for cracks and chips, because it affects the appearance and durability.Before laying each brick soaked in cold water for 5 seconds.It absorbs moisture less, the seam becomes thin and smooth, and she bricklaying - much stronger.

After all the work must be at least two weeks before starting to use the fireplace.Firewood must be dry, otherwise it may cause an unpleasant smell and tar formation.At the first kindling should carefully observe, not whether there is smoke in the room, and there is enough air in the furnace, because of its overabundance or shortage leads to overheating of the furnace or the release of combustion products.If everything is in order - the fireplace is ready for further operation.

Make fire from an existing furnace is simple, but the main difficulty arises when decorating.A very important point is the selection of quality materials.Do not skimp on this, because the fireplace - this is home, looking at who is warm and cozy.