December 12, 2016 00:02

How to make a brick BBQ .

impossible to imagine Camping without a delicious aromatic kebabs.New fashion trend of steady improvement was a brick barbecue in the garden.

Before the creation of the barbecue, you need to draw a plan for future project design, which in addition to the main barbecue still provided if desired compartment for storage of wood, shelves for inventory, chimney, table.

To build the barbecue made of bricks we need: concrete mixer, cement, sand, gravel, tiles shelves, refractory or furnace brick, tools for construction, bars reinforcement, mesh reinforcement, galvanized sheet iron,corners.

create the foundation for the barbecue.To do this, dig a hole depth of 30 cm along the perimeter of the formwork set, spread over the area reinforcement (for barbecue amiss cutting pipes, wire, any metal pieces), pour the concrete.Three days give foundation to solidify.

The day before the laying of the bricks need to hose or soak in water for a short time, to the beginning of works in bric
k was a wet and dry outside.Otherwise brick absorbs all the moisture from the solution, and lose the strength design.

Getting laying bricks.For barbecue suit only red brick or refractory furnace.The first row of the barbecue for the first time spread dry to ensure the proportionality of the barbecue and grills, as well as to identify the line of masonry.

Knead mortar: ratio of cement, lime and sand, respectively 1-1-3, add water by mixing the composition to a thick mass.

By marking lay the first row is already on a solution.All other ranks put off by a half-brick (similarity staggered).Each row start with the corners.Armiruem angles using a metal wire, for it to spread mortar between the valve rows.To design did not go naperekos, periodically check the building level and plumb.

Before laying the foundation brazier besides reinforcing angles must be laid reinforcing bars in the opposite wall barbecue.They later spread to the base of the furnace - of bricks.In order to clean it from the ash was easier, the bottom of the combustion chamber to make the best of a metal or concrete.For a better combustion in the furnace area between several bricks reserve slots not filled with concrete - it will provide a flow of air.To use the grill for barbecue is not only, but also for the grill, in the masonry foundation put several bricks perpendicular to the wall, the bricks were.

main element is ready, the rest of the structure erect according to project plan.Finished building, you can decorate the wrought iron elements, marble counter tops, doors.

Among other things, it is possible to think about the construction of a covered pergola over a brazier, in this case, even the bad weather will not be a hindrance for cooking kebabs.