December 12, 2016 00:02

How to make the beds in the steam room .

hard to imagine a complete rest in the sauna without sunbeds.For its device needs to know certain rules, otherwise it simply will not sustain the hard climate.Make a sunbed in our own steam bath simple.If you speak a little domestic tools, it is easy to cope with this task.

Select wood for boards.Ideally suited birch boards, aspen and linden.Conifers are released during heating the resin, so I set it aside.In advance, decide with the size and the number of racks lounger.On four racks you'll need eight boards, whose height is 100 cm. The length of sunbeds should be not less than 180 cm. From bars fabricate the segments that need to fasten the boards across the counters.

Take the boards and assemble the frame of several racks.Fasten them together segments of the same timber.Later, you attach it shelf boards.The framework recommended at an angle to him was free to drain the water.Thus, the lounger will quickly dry out.If steam room allows the beds to build two or three tiers.The gap between
them should be at least 30 cm. The width of the sunbeds must reach at least 60 cm. Remember, that the gap between the floor and the ceiling should not be less than 1 m. Otherwise it is necessary to build a much smaller beds.

Construct skeleton frame.To do this gradually fills the frame on the shelf board.Between them, be sure to leave a gap of 1 cm in width. This will create good ventilation, and boards will dry out much faster.For easier cleaning and rapid drying steam make the last stage in the form of benches.It also creates additional convenience for guests.When you attach the board to the chassis, engage the (possible oak) wooden pins.At elevated temperatures, they will not burn the body.If you do not have wooden pins, you can replace them with screws from the metal to be screwed from below, through the bars in the board.Between levels, tiers, it is desirable to build back.

You can also make frameless lounger, which will build on the bars, bolted to the walls.To this end, the side walls attach two bars with screws, wood grouse.Between the boards and walls make the gaps in using nuts.In bolted beams lay lounger board.For extra durability, set under a sunbed two or three wood from the timber support.All wood surfaces do not forget to soak the protective oil, which is designed exclusively for bathing lounges.

At an altitude of 25 and 45 cm from the floor Construct steps.two steps should look.For each of them, use of three or four boards.Instead of steps, you can build a wooden stand for the head and legs.

Now you know how to build a classic lager.If you will gradually carry out the construction of sunbeds by the above instructions, you can create a strong and secure place to stay.The main thing - to create a pre-project and take responsibility for the work.