December 12, 2016 00:02

How to build an extension to the house .

great advantage of private estates - it is an opportunity to increase the area and expand the space, which in no way can be done in high rise buildings.The minimal set of tools, minor investments, savvy, the desire to create additional space with their own hands, and the result is a worthy quality accommodation for a comfortable stay big family.

1 In the first phase of construction is required to make a plan, consider nuances, make estimates and purchase building materials, or the bulk of the early stages.Immediately prepare a place for storage of building materials.So, without fail, you will need the following items: construction project, gravel, sand, gravel, cement, brick or concrete blocks, the capacity for the preparation of a solution or a concrete mixer, trowel, shovel, fittings, lintels for openings, beams for the roof, the roof slab and tilesmaterial.

When a plan is drawn up, materials purchased, proceed to the foundation work.Roy ditch depth of 1.5 m, breadth - preferably the sam
e.The bottom is littered with sand and gravel - such foresight will ensure a reliable grip with the ground and the foundation will prevent future draft of the walls and the house in general.for pouring the foundation parameters are specified on the basis of average data.But if you live in cold regions, and harsh winters for your edges - a common phenomenon, pour the foundation is not less than the level of the ground freezing.If you plan on building a bunch of the main house, do the foundation of similar size.
solution for the foundation is also necessary to consider, on the basis of the climatic conditions and the expected load.Take cement marked not less than the M400.On 1 part cement - 1.2 parts sand, 2.7 parts gravel.The amount of water to the solution portion is ½ the amount of cement.After pouring the foundation do not forget in the first 6-8 hours after the end of the process of the foundation of abundantly moisten with water and repeat regularly wet basement for 4-5 days, in order to avoid splits, cracks, uneven hardening.

After 3-4 weeks, when the foundation settled and established, we can proceed to the construction of the walls.It is preferable to choose the building material from which erected the main house if you plan to do the finish.Seiling take a few below the main structure.The difference comes from wall height calculating space required for arrangement of the roof.
Bunch annex to the main building you need to perform a hard compound to prevent uneven shrinkage and, as a result, split along the seam.Do not forget to mount on the wall of reinforcing rebar and put a jumper on the opening.

bottom Beams new room roof is made of beams, which are placed in pre-prepared grooves in the wall.Closing the roof of the new room, be careful to sign under the roof eaves house, forming a smooth transition.Pairing two roofs should be as dense and tight, in order to provide a moisture barrier inside the house.
In place of roof joints arrange the transition of galvanized iron brackets.One part of the bracket, move to 30-40 cm under the roof of the main structure and the same number leave on the roof of the new room.The resulting space between the roof and the edge of the metal bracket carefully sealing.

Paul poured concrete.Once we reveal primer insulate special bedding and Stela laminate or floorboard.

Interior design and decoration has traditionally depends on your preferences and financial capabilities.First of all, use all available means to build the foundations and in the off-season can calmly deal with the inner workings and finishes.