December 12, 2016 00:02

How to make cold-smoked smokehouse .

Smoked sausage, cheese, fish, meat, bacon, poultry loved by many.However, the quality of the original products in the shops may well be doubted.In addition, frequent use of many manufacturers of liquid smoke to reduce the cost and reducing the time of production of the final product bears a huge damage to human health.Handwritten cooking gourmet smoked definitely will protect from the low-quality product.Construction smokehouse on site, as well as smoking itself - not the easiest process, but if desired, and basic skills will not take a lot of time and effort.

to provide traction smokehouse smoked should be positioned so that the furnace was lower than the smoking cabinet.In addition, the greater the length of the chimney, the better traction.

If the smokehouse is set on a flat plot, then the furnace will have to dig a hole to allow the chimney bias.The width and depth of the pits varies between 50 and 100 cm. At the bottom of the furnace must be put tightly mortarless bricks, laid on to
p of it the sheet iron.The walls of the pit obkladyvayut refractory brick with clay mortar, leaving a hole for the chimney.If the furnace is above the ground level, a smoking cabinet should be raised even higher.As the furnace can be used burzhujku Preheat iron gives uniform smoldering sawdust, twigs.

chimney depth of 25-30 cm. The length of the chimney is a distinctive feature of the smoker smoked by hot.When smoked, it should be 2-10 m, so that the smoke coming from the furnace enclosure to the smokehouse was cooled to 25 ° C or less.The chimney may be sealed without the use of mortar to lay bricks and on top lay a sheet of iron or slate and covered with soil, so that the smoke does not go out, or use a tube with a diameter of 25 cm.

compound chimney with furnace and smoke box cabinet should besealed to avoid loss of smoke.At the entrance of the chimney in the smokehouse grill rack mounted with a filter to protect against carbon black products.As the filter is used dense mesh cloth, burlap or straw.

Before installing a smoke cabinet check cravings.If it is a bad or missing, you can use the ID fan.

Smoking chamber must be stable and can be made of wood, brick or metal, you can use an old refrigerator or barrel.The walls of the smoking cabinet must be airtight.Grating, hooks and rods of stainless steel products for a close to the chimney, but at this level, so that the smoke had already begun to mix with the air.Top smokehouse rack is covered wooden shield or burlap.

Smoking cold smoke is carried out within a few days.The smaller the product was subjected to salting and marinating, the greater the temperature of the smoke in the smokehouse cabinet, the faster the process of smoking.