December 12, 2016 00:02

How to make a smokehouse made ​​of brick .

Carefully consider and prepare a place for the construction of the smokehouse.Clean area of ​​debris, grass, twigs and leaves.A small smokehouse filled with the appropriate foundation - the depth of 30-40 cm would be sufficient.If the smokehouse is planned impressive size (for frequent use and mass - production), then you need to pour the foundation to a depth of freezing land cover, using reinforced concrete.

the following materials for the construction of a brick smokehouse: refractory bricks, clay, one or more grids for smoked products (depending on the planned construction of the size and its immediate destination), wooden door, metal rods, metal cover,plumb, trowel, hammer, trowel, shovel, bowl or trough the clay solution, tape measure, level.

2 provides space in the ground for the future installation of the closed part of the hole length should be 25-30 cm, width - 35 cm, height - 25 cm Build a smokehouse of refractory bricks (it is more expensive than usual, but is r
esistant to high temperatures and will not crack over time) or red clay, lime is not suitable..

smoking chamber at the end of the line and should not exceed a height of 150 cm. Are constructed by laying the camera "on edge."

For the upcoming channel brickwork dig a small trench width of 55 cm and a length of 35 cm. Be sure to take into account the time that the furnace (the combustion chamber) can not be placed above the smoking chamber.If you are building a smokehouse on the hill, then additional actions will not have to perform.If your case is not a hill, then the flue duct must be done with a slope of about 8 degrees.
bottom should be well compacted and start laying bricks, exposing two bricks butt length.It is desirable to provide in advance the composition of the solution for masonry and prefer clay mixtures that are not dressed toxins when heated and are not destroyed.

Getting chimney masonry walls.The walls are erected on the basis of the method of a stacked brick "on the edge".Bandaging joints in all rows must be identical.The end result is a 25 cm wall of masonry bricks in 2 rows.

Getting channel overlap.Run the overlap can be brick.People who have some experience in the construction, it may be a logical question: "How do overlap in a similar way, if the channel width of 35 cm, and the length of a standard brick - 25 cm?".In fact, everything is simple - we do not Cover the flat roof, and the "house".This clutch allows you to overlap bricks butt length.If possible, also perform channel overlap on clay solution for high strength.All along the way formed slots and openings sure to seal the solution.

final stage is set the main element - the smoking chamber.Well, if you install a camera channel goes back no more than 30 cm.

After performing all the above steps give the structure sufficient to dry and settle a few days.After all, pour a layer of soil to 15 cm - to the level of the smoking chamber.

If you erect a large smokehouse, be sure to consider the valve on the chimney.This equipment will allow you to adjust the temperature of the smoke flow and smoke.When planning the construction is provided in terms of small windows for ventilation.