December 12, 2016 00:02

How to make a hammock with his hands.

Outdoor activities always has beneficial effects on the human body.Relaxing lying in a hammock swaying gently relaxes, soothes and inspires us to achieve new interesting targets.Of course, you can buy branded goods store in a hammock for relaxing or playing sports.But is not it better to make a little bit of strength and imagination and create your own piece of paradise?

well-chosen material - half of success.The web is better to choose not from synthetic fabrics, because they will not allow the body to breathe normally.It is better to prepare calico, camouflage, canvas, mattress ticking fabric or canvas.We come to weave cotton rope.

Mount hammock - an important part of the process, from which depends the safety and comfort.You can fix the hammock to trees, but their diameter must not be less than 20 cm. In the case of fixing to the support-pillars is important to dig to a depth of a meter or more.

suspension height should be about 1.5 meters.If the support will be made in the f
orm of mobile design, you will be able to carry the hammock from one corner of the yard to another, periodically changing scenery.

reviewing the two most popular ways to create a miracle box, you can choose the one that best suits your priorities.As they say, the taste and color.

Mexican cocoon - easy to manufacture and easy to use option.Because it is absolutely impossible to fall out, but not very easy to roll over.For making the cut will need two identical canvases measuring 1.5 by 3 meters and twenty meters strong cord.

Cuts stacked on each other and stitched by along the edges.The resulting need to tuck tunnel on both sides in the width of 5-7 cm and stitch.The resulting hole stretch lace and obvernuv several times around the web, tightened.So do the other side.

Braided hammock, unlike their Soviet progenitors, today it is possible to make not only comfortable and functional, but also stylish enough.To create such an option need two strong rail and tight underwear or a similar cable.The bars need to make holes in width three pitches every 4-5 cm.

Appearance hammock future depends on your macramé pattern.For the product dimensions 1h2,5 meters will need about 170 meters of rope.Despite the fact that macram nodes and patterns can be different, the cells must still not be more than 7 cm. The finished net is passed through a hole in the rail and several drawstrings are tied into knots.It remains only to fix it on a support.

time and effort spent on the production of a hammock with his hands, never compare with the pleasure that you can get a comfortable stay in it.And if you think in advance about the colors and design, it also will serve as an excellent subject of your yard decor.